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Humans don't tend to notice incremental change or react to it in meaningful ways. For most people it takes a sudden life-changing event or crisis to get their attention and motivate them to embrace a needed change in their behavior. Most of us don't like change and resist it, even denying the reality of it. That's not surprising since we have an investment of time, effort and money in the status quo. If you are wealthy and you enjoy a lifestyle that encourages consumption and requires little effort, of course, you don't want to change.

But every day we are writing our future. Each of us is writing a little bit of the future of our planet and our home. And every day almost 8 billion of us decide the fate of our future generations, our children and our grandchildren. The question we must answer is, "Are we going to continue to concern ourselves with the present and ignore the signs of distress before us? Are we going to continue to be deniers and cling to our selfish and irresponsible actions that are going to consign our future generations to a deteriorating quality of life?"





Are we willing to pay the price required to have future cities that are clean and modern with clean water and adequate healthful food for everyone? Or are we indifferent to the trashed and polluted environment we are leaving to our children.



Next came the creation of the Senoobian language, Kuterin, with a complete manual. The idea was to create a complete brand that would offer a broader fantasy experience by having a unique game, story line and alien language that would complement each other and appeal to young and old alike. He is working on the third novel The Obeldazi.



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