Privacy Statement

At Zanoba® we are committed to protecting your personal information―including your name, gender, address, and phone number. We do not provide any personal information to third parties. We request this information―when you register to create a player profile―so we can improve your playing experience by providing a way to find other players and to compare your ranking with the rankings of other players. We also use it to contact you if we have questions. The information in your profile is password protected. Most of the contact with us and with other players is through email. 

Anyone can visit this website without viewing any player’s personal information. For example, the Top Players module on the Home page and the RANKINGS page display none of the above personal information.

This website shows only the player's chosen nickname, age category and email address of players. Also when you contact someone from the CHECK RANKINGS page to set up a match, you don't have to reveal your real name, also protecting your privacy. We also recommend that all games and matches be arranged at public places such as a public library, school or church, with a friend or parent, at least until you get to know someone. You will make friends, of course, and that will not be a concern.

If you feel uncomfortable with this situation regarding your privacy, don't register for competition. You can still enjoy the benefits of playing Zanoba® with friends and family. If you have any questions or comments, we would like to hear from you. Please go to the CONTACT US page and email us.


Certificate of Recognition

Certifcate for Game Zanoba ~ Sam Bledsoe

The first thing you will discover about Zanoba®: it’s different from any other board game you’ve ever seen. The second thing is that it’s more than a strategy game. It’s a unique way for players to compete intellectually, develop their thinking skills, gain recognition, build self-confidence, enjoy supportive friendships and . . . have fun! To sum it up, Zanoba is a fellowship. It is a game that school clubs or other groups can play in group competition.



To win at Zanoba you need to know how to use these three parts of the game board effectively.

The Portal

There are three pairs of portals that allow you to move from one portal to the other in only one move.


The Dock

Each player has 6 docks on their side of the board. Players strive to reach their opponent's docks so they can score points by removing (redeeming) their mahtas from the  docks. Each player has 3 mahtas worth 1-point each and one tri-mahta worth 3 points. 


The Starting Circles

Each player has 8 starting circles with a red, blue or yellow dot on his or her side of the board. The starting circles tell players where to place their 8 playing pieces at the beginning of the game. The 4 mahtas go on the circles with blue dots. The 2 Klays go on the circles with yellow dots. The 2 Stoes go on the circles with red dots.

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